Jill Hayes, DVM

Saying goodbye is never easy— especially when it’s a loved one of the furry variety.

The idea for Closure at Home began to take shape when Dr. Hayes euthanized her parents’ beloved dog, Ollie, in the spring of 2009. She was grateful to be able to help them through that rough time by making it possible for them to say their goodbyes to Ollie at home. Dr. Hayes realized that most people who love their pets, but didn’t have a veterinarian in the family, were not able to have the same gentle experience when the time came. It became her goal to help anyone who was able to find the courage to plan the most dignified and gentle passing for their pets to have the same opportunity her parents did.

“I feel that it is a privilege and an honor to be able to help you through what may be one of the most difficult times of your life. I formed Closure at Home because I firmly believe that it is a calling to be with you, as a veterinarian and a compassionate human being, to help you say goodbye to your pet in your own way. Our pets will die— that part we can’t control. What we can control is how, where, when, and with whom we choose to surround ourselves when we help our pets to die with dignity.”

Grieving is not something that has a definite beginning and ending. When needed, Dr. Hayes can direct you to professionals in the community who can help. Central Ohio residents are very fortunate to have Honoring the Bond at Ohio State University as a wonderful resource to help in the grieving process. Click here to learn more about Honoring the Bond.

Closure at Home



Dr. Hayes offers consultations to explain what you can expect during the procedure and answer any questions. For the fastest response, please text 614-397-2128 or email closureathome@icloud.com. During your consultation, Dr. Hayes will discuss availablility and schedule a time that is convenient for you and your family. She'll also record information about your pet, their age, current condition and weight. With larger dogs, she may bring someone with her to help during the procedure.


Dr. Hayes will travel to your home with all of the medications and supplies needed to perform a safe, gentle and humane euthanasia. Most appointments last less than an hour, but Dr. Hayes will work at a pace that is comfortable for you and your pet. Procedure pricing includes travel related expenses within the immediate Columbus area. If your location is greater than ten miles from I-270, additional travel fees may apply. All clients must complete our Consent Form— please click the link in our price list below to download and print.


Dr. Hayes will facilitate cremation services for her clients. You can choose to have the ashes returned to you in a special urn. If you do not wish to have your pet's cremains returned to you, they will be scattered in a beautiful meadow, on a property owned by a member of Dr. Hayes' family. Pricing for cremation services is based on your pet's weight and can be found listed below. Feel free to discuss all of your options with Dr. Hayes during your consultation or on the day of the euthanasia procedure.


Grieving for a beloved pet can feel like losing a family member. Everyone processes loss differently and in their own time. Dr. Hayes does not provide grief counseling services herself, but has strong connections with counselors and grief programs that can offer her clients support. When needed, Dr. Hayes can direct you to professionals in the community who can help. Central Ohio residents are fortunate to have Honoring the Bond at Ohio State University as a resource to help in the grieving process. Please visit vet.osu.edu to learn more.

Closure at Home


Clients must complete our consent form for euthanasia services to be performed. Please return completed form to Dr. Hayes on the day of procedure.

Euthanasia Services
In-Home Euthanasia $300.00
Phone or e-mail consultation as needed Incuded
All medications and supplies needed Included
Travel related expenses (within immediate Columbus area) Included
Additional travel fees may apply (if greater than 10 miles from I-270) Varies
Cremation with ashes returned to you
Includes a wooden urn with a customized nameplate. Pricing based on pet's weight:  
0 lbs - 35 lbs $200.00
36 lbs - 75 lbs $225.00
76 lbs - 125 lbs $275.00
126 lbs - 200 lbs $325.00
over 201 lbs $375.00
Private Cremation without return of ashes
If you don't wish to have cremains returned to you, they'll be scattered on a beautiful property owned by a member of Dr. Hayes' family.  
0 lbs - 35 lbs $100.00
36 lbs - 75 lbs $175.00
76 lbs - 125 lbs $225.00
126 lbs - 200 lbs $275.00
over 201 lbs $325.00



  • "Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Jill's presence during a most difficult time for our family. Her guidance, and authentic compassion for our beloved, beagle Lilly and for us, will never be forgotten. Her presence and care on that day was a blessing for Lilly. Even more so, the experience turned out to be a gift for our entire family, and 2 other dogs. We were all attended to with compassion and concern. In spite of the overwhelming grief we were feeling, there was also great comfort in knowing this process relieved Lilly of much suffering, and enabled us to surround her in love. She deserved that. Thank you Dr. Hayes for showing us the way."

    The Lynne & David Canale Family

    Columbus, Ohio

  • "I am so grateful to Dr. Hayes for the care and compassion she provided while performing an in-home euthanasia for my sweet cat, Syn, who was terminally ill with feline cancer. I decided to have Syn put to sleep at home to avoid subjecting her to the discomfort and anxiety associated with a trip to the vet. This turned out to be the best decision under the circumstances— not only for Syn, but also for me. Dr. Hayes was gentle and compassionate and explained everything in a professional manner. Her caring attitude and understanding put me at ease immediately and helped to keep me calm and focused throughout the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Hayes to anyone who loves their pet and finds themselves making this very difficult decision."

    Joy J.

    Columbus, Ohio

  • I can't recommend Dr. Hayes enough. Unfortunately, I had to call her when my 16 year-old cat, Aries, needed her services. I really didn't want to have to make this decision at all, but I defnitely didn't want to have to pack up Aries, take him to the vet, go through the procedure and then have to walk out through a waiting room full of people. I wanted Aries to be comfortable in his own home with all of the familiar scents, sounds and people. I'm so grateful Dr. Hayes offers this in-home service. She was able to turn something heartbreaking into something beautiful.

    Matt B.

    Columbus, OH

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To get started, please email or text Dr. Hayes your name, email, phone number and the specific area of central Ohio where you and your pet reside. Please also include details about your pet, including information about their current health and their approximate weight. Dr. Hayes will get back to you with scheduling options and additional information as quickly as possible.

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